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Name:Leonard McCoy (Star Trek AOS)
Birthdate:Sep 27
Location:United States of America
About Leonard (Reboot Version) »»
Leonard Horatio McCoy was born September 27, 2227 to David and Hannah McCoy in Savannah, Georgia. His father was a lawyer who sometimes worked with Starfleet when there were conflicts between officers and civilians while his mother was reporter who worked out of Atlanta. Leonard got his fondness for mint juleps from his father, and his passion and no-nonsense attitude from his mother.

When Leonard was fifteen, his mother was seriously injured in an accident on Mars. When attempts to use a transporter to get her to medical help failed, she died. This left him with a distaste for technology as he felt they had become too dependent on it and forgotten that sometimes there were better ways to do things. Over time, however, this began to fade, especially after he became a doctor though transporters were never his favorite mode of transportation.

After finishing high school, Leonard attended his father's alma mater - the University of Mississippi. At first, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do, even toying with the idea of going into law as well, but after a brief relationship with Emony Dax, he went into medicine, something he had always been drawn to. During this time, he met Jocelyn Darnell, who showed interest in him despite her on-going relationship with Clay Treadway. Much to his surprise, she ended up dumping Clay following an altercation, and the two later married and had a daughter named Joanna.

Following graduation and his residency, Leonard moved his family back to Savannah to open a practice and be closer to his father. Everything seemed to be going well, but then David developed a terminal illness. Leonard spent a great deal of time caring for his father before finally euthenizing him when it appeared there was no hope. A cure was found six months later, sending Leonard into a spiral of depression and drinking that caused the rift that had already developed with Jocelyn during the time he spent caring for his father to deepen. She turned to her former lover, having an affair with him. After Leonard discovered this, Jocelyn filed for divorce and took everything from him, including his daughter and his practice.

With little other choice, Leonard joined Starfleet, feeling his ex-wife had taken "the whole damn planet." While he wasn't pleased to be there to start with, he now realizes that he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
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Star Trek belongs to Paramount. I'm just playing around and not making any money off this. This journal is not affiliated in any way with the franchise or with Karl Urban.

Age disclaimer for sexual situations: Both muse and mun are in their 30s.
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